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Stand first appeared in 1952 when Jon Silkin used his £5 redundancy money, received after trying to organise some of his fellow manual workers, to found a magazine which would ‘Stand’ against injustice and oppression, and ‘Stand’ for the role that the arts, poetry and fiction in particular, could and should play in that fight.

In its 50 plus years Stand has published early work by many writers who have gone on to become established figures – Ken Smith, Tony Harrison, Michael Hamburger, Douglas Dunn, Jeffrey Wainwright and George MacBeth are just a few. The magazine has also played a major role in bringing the work of Russian and East European writers in translation to an English-speaking audience.

The search for inventive or radical or experimental work goes on, as Stand appears quarterly, featuring the best in new writing, poetry, fiction and criticism.


‘Poetry & Audience’

Poetry & Audience is published biannually in the School of English at the University of Leeds. Founded in 1953 it is one of the longest running poetry magazines in the UK, providing a forum for new writers to have their work read alongside that of more established poets. The editors have always been drawn from the graduate students at the school bringing a variety of new priorities and fresh minds to the choosing and presentation of the writing.

Twitter: @Poetry_Audience


The University of Leeds Poetry Centre (LUPC)

The University of Leeds has a proud tradition of supporting new poetry and of exploring the poetry of the past. The University of Leeds Poetry Centre (LUPC) brings together our unique strengths to celebrate poets and to produce new research from our internationally outstanding poetry archives in the Brotherton Library.

LUPC offers a dynamic resource for research, teaching, and public engagement by supporting and advancing the study of poetry both within and outside the University. It provides a focus for collaborative, interdisciplinary, and individual research at the same time as offering a point of contact for the wider community to share in a range of activities, including readings, workshops, lectures, and exhibitions. The University of Leeds has a prestigious history in the field of poetry as a result of its Gregory Fellows, its members of staff, and its students, including the internationally renowned poets Tony Harrison, Jon Silkin, Ken Smith, and Geoffrey Hill. LUPC proudly celebrates this heritage at the same time as establishing a new wealth of poetic activity at Leeds to support the next generation of writers and researchers.

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