Stopping and Starting

When I came to the end of my PhD and started as a Teaching Fellow I slowly stopped adding to this blog. Lecturing, writing, marking, moving, marrying – there was lots going on. Then, bam, I got pregnant, and extremely sick. Hyperemesis Gravidarum (or very severe morning sickness) left me completely debilitated for over 9 months. For most of that time I couldn’t even read a few words without throwing up and getting a migraine that would last for the rest of the day, if not longer. I subsisted on podcasts and the odd audiobook (although to be honest I was so drugged up with anti sickness medication that I couldn’t tell you what I listened to now). Contributing to this blog therefore felt a little bit impossible (plus, what would I have to talk about apart from the varying insides of toilet bowls?).

After that came the wonderful little one, and all the fun and craziness that goes with a new baby. I was reading again – it turns out that sleepless nights free up a lot of time for good novels and poetry collections – and writing and researching, but I couldn’t quite find the extra energy or articulacy to post anything.

Until now! I thought about starting again completely. New look, new name, new purpose. But I quickly realised that I was simply following the same impulse for a false fresh start that drives me to buy endless shiny new notebooks even though I’ve got hundreds of half-filled ones taking up space at home. So instead I’m sticking with what I’ve got, and am restarting this blog with these aims:

To write things about poetry and good writing

To write things about ways of reading poetry and good writing

To write things about good books in general

To write things about writing poetry

To write things about listening to poetry

To write things about performing poetry

To write things about research

To write things about teaching

To write things about competitions, submissions, magazines, events, workshops, and the ‘business’ of writing

To write things about whatever else crops up


Hannah x

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